Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent to Purchase New Home Construction?

Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent to Purchase New Home Construction?

Question:  I’m thinking about buying a new construction home.  Should I just go to the builder myself or do people use Realtors to buy new homes?

Answer:   In order for you to get the very best deal on New Home Construction it is important for you to know the process and the roles of buyer agents before you meet with a New Home Construction on site agent (builder/seller’s agent).  Here’s why.  In order to represent you, your buyer’s agent must be initially present with you to register you at the new home site.  If you visit the New Home Site to view model homes on your own without your Realtor, your buyer’s agent and you register yourself, the builders generally will not allow your Realtor to negotiate on your behalf at a later time.  So make sure to make an appointment with your buyer’s agent and we can show you all of the new construction in your desired area!

Reasons to hire a Realtor ®, your own Buyer’s Agent to buy new construction:

  • A Realtor, your buyer’s agent can Save You Money!  Are you getting what you are entitled to – both in quality and value?  An experienced agent knows what you should receive and what “extras” might be available.
  • Have your very own Exclusive Advocate-The New Home Construction salesperson is working for the builder/developer/seller and not you.  Hence, the New Home Construction salesperson is looking out for the best interest of their company. Their main goal is to sell you a home at a price that      maximizes profit for their company and to keep the already built-in commissions for themselves.  A Realtor, your buyer’s agent works for YOU. This means we are obligated to help you find the best home at the best price and terms.
  • Comparison is at your finger tips—Compare Resales with New Homes wisely with the help of a Realtor, your buyer’s agent.
  • Pre-construction – Realtors have relationships with builders that can be quite beneficial  to the buyer. The Realtor, your buyer’s agent, is also in a position to inform you when new pre-construction opportunities arise even before they are made public.
  • Dispute Resolution – in the event of a dispute with the builder over cost, terms, build out time, work orders, etc. you will need the backing a strong Realtor, your buyer’s  agent, and large real estate company such as Realty ONE Group.  A builder is much more likely to comply when dealing with a top producing Realtor from my leading Real Estate Company  who is bringing them a lot of business.
  • My Commissions are free to YOU – I do NOT charge my clients/buyers a transaction fee, as some agents do and the builder pays us a commission once the sale is complete.  Since the purchase price of the property is the same with or without a Realtor, it makes sense to have a REALTOR®,  your buyer’s agent, on your side to help you navigate the complicated home buying process and make it simple.
  • Understanding  the Purchase Agreement – New Homes Builder Purchase Agreement are very lengthy [average 100 pages].  Although they are boiler plate and with no revisions, it would be wise to have a Realtor, your buyer’s agent  present to help understand its provisions.
  • Inspections-Just because the home is new doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a professional inspector. A Realtor, your buyer’s agent will know whom is really good with new construction and should give you several referrals.
  • A Realtor, your buyer’s agent, knows where the new homes are and can help  you find the right one for you!  I can help you locate your brand new dream home!

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